Software Development With Grace

Upsert offers software and database development and consulting. Our solutions simply work — they are straightforward and easy to maintain.

We design, implement and train with zero politics or empty jargon. We often end up improving our client's overall business, even when we don't aim to.

What we know


Problems related to server environments, cloud, service intregrations and APIs.

Software Development

Application development and usage of the latest development methodologies.


Especially NoSQL databases and Cassandra.

What we offer

Architecture Design

We help you figure out your architecture, environments, integrations — Whatever you need.


Write the code, tune it up, make it work.

Training / Mentoring

We help you with various technologies and their usage. We can also support your IT management or even act as one.

Interested? Contact us:

+358 44 974 8400 /

About us

Upsert is a crew of highly motivated IT veterans. We do good stuff.

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