Who we are

Our roots are in Jyväskylä, where we gained experience together first in a large telco company and later through our consulting work. Upsert was founded in 2016. Now we work all across Finland and the world.

We are proud of our company: when you order something from us, we deliver. We’re a human-sized company, where quality compensates for quantity. Besides being on the top of our field, we aim to be well-spoken and hassle-free colleagues to you.

What you can find at Upsert

Senior Software Developer

  • An expert in software development, from the back-end to the UI.
  • Utilizes the latest and best methods and the most efficient languages.
  • Assists and mentors junior developers on their track to become a better developer.
  • Quickly learns the basics of new tools and platforms.

Database Expert

  • Expert in database design, implentation and administration.
  • Designs even the most challenging data storage solutions in a cost effective way, without sacrificing performance.
  • Clears your performance issues, updates your systems and handles the admnistration.
  • Helps you select the best technolgoy for your needs.


  • Designs and defines your architecture, including processes, integrations and solution components.
  • Masters environments of all ages and sizes, from start up to enterprise.

Backend Specialist

  • Sets up and masters even the most challenging server environments in the data center and cloud.
  • Makes sure your environment is up to date and performing at the highest level.