Upsert offers software development with grace. We solve your problems and offer better alternatives. We’re multitalented — give us a challenge!

Problem Areas


Server and run-time environments.

  • Infrastructure design, implementation and automation.
  • Integration and network topology design.
  • Both in your data center and the cloud.

Buzzwords: Linux, Docker, AWS, Kubernetes, Ansible, Puppet, Capistrano, RESTful APIs, System Integrations

Software development

Software development and methodologies.

  • Adopting and using the latest technologies.
  • Utilizing the latest development methodologies.
  • Just another pair of hands for implementation.

Buzzwords: Ruby, Python, Scala, Java, Javascript, C, Bash, DevOps

UX / UI design

User experience and user interfaces.

  • Identifying users’ needs.
  • Crafting efficient flows through applications.
  • Visualizing and implementing flows as harmonious user interfaces.

Buzzwords: UX, UI, Frontend development, Angular, React, Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD


Databases and storage technologies, data structures and transfer.

  • Storage and transfer between different systems.
  • Utilizing the latest data storage technologies.
  • Database administration and support.

Buzzwords: Big Data, Cassandra, NoSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, InfluxDB, Progress


We can help you with any and all software development challenges, from design and infrastructure setup to implementation and all the way to maintaining the support pipeline.


We can help you with

  • server and environment design, both in the data center and the cloud
  • application, integration and architecture design
  • UX/UI design
  • database design
  • the usage and tools of modern software development methodologies (ie. DevOps).

Upsert Design Example

Our client’s production environment was both slow and expensive, compared to current price point.

  • We defined and implemented DevOps-based automated production and testing environments, utilizing a cloud services provider.
  • It took around 1.5 months from one Upsert specialist and resulted in 80% montly cost savings.


We can help you with

  • application and API implementation
  • database implementation and management
  • with the latest NoSQL and traditional SQL technologies.

We offer full-stack development, from back-end to the user interface.

Upsert Implementation Example

Proof-of-Concept for a start-up: A startup offered a remote teaching platform and needed a more scalable solution for their growing user base.

  • We created an AWS network proxy with custom rules, using existing open-source modules.
  • A feature-complete proof of concept was delivered in three weeks.

Example 2

An US-based media startup: The startup was using Cassandra but had omitted upkeep. Various mandatory maintenance procedures were completely ignored.

  • We updated Cassandra and other related tools to the latest versions and implemented the required maintenance procedures.

Training & mentoring

We can teach and help you with the latest technologies and software development methodologies:

  • Databases and Cassandra
  • Modern software development and IT operations methodologies.

Upsert Mentoring Example

A telecom company needed a lead developer to guide a product management solution project.

  • An Upsert Lead Developer implemented the project with the team, while mentoring them about the latest methods.

Example 2

An IoT company was considering NoSQL adoption.

  • We organized a half-day workshop, where we went through the various NoSQL technologies. We covered both the good and sides and outlined the ideal transformation process.